Quick and easy sun dress

I made this dress yesterday morning, wore it in the afternoon. From cutting it out to snipping the final thread was about 3-1/2 hours.

But I decided I didn’t like the neckline, and recut it this morning in about an hour.

I originally bought the fabric to make a dress, but it’s been a couple of years, so it counts as stash!

I took the pattern from this cute denim dress I got at a thrift store and have been wearing to death. See, it has a high neckline, but it works because of the bold pattern.


Way to turn “fast fashion” into something good! That fabric is so pretty and perfect for a sundress!


How pretty! I’m a little jealous of your speed-sewing skills. :wink:


Really pretty fabric, perfect for a sundress! It’s still bitterly cold here but I too picked up floral fabric & a pattern to make myself a summer frock. Hopefully this year!


Thanks, all!

It is already hitting the 80s here in Arizona, even though we are enjoying a cool and wet spring. We’ll be over 100° for weeks at a time this summer

I’m eyeing up other thin, lightweight stash fabrics for another dress. I have a sheet with hydrangeas, some lovely soft paisley…


The prints really change the look of the same pattern. I thought they were two different ones at first.

Both will be quite suitable for summer. I love the blue and white one. It has a tropical feel.

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I’m also impressed by the speed at which you whipped this up! It’s beautiful and looks like it would be the perfect, flowy dress for a hot day.

I’m jealous, though, because it’s in the 40s (F) here and I can’t wait for warmer weather. (I’m sewing summer dresses this week, too, even if it is a bit optimistic on my part. :joy:)


Turned out pretty cute!! I agree- it’s amazing the difference the print makes!

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This is a great sun dress!

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Thanks! Wait until you see the one I made yesterday! Squee!