Quick Birthday Dress

My little lady was having a quarantine mermaid birthday party so I went a little overboard and did all the things, and then the day of the party I realized I hadn’t gotten her a birthday shirr made, like I did for her brother for every birthday since he was born! A rummage through the closet and my Cricut saved the day. Took about 8 minutes total, and simple. I hadn’t used it for awhile and now I have all the ideas swimming in my brain. image


And I’m it sure why my pics always upload sideways. :grimacing:

Very cute, and so quick! The sideways-picture thing is a newish-website glitch. I think they’re working on it.

How sweet!

Such a sweet dress. The dress is getting a head start swimming away. :blush: :mermaid:

The dress is adorable!

Happy birthday to your little lady!
What an awesome mom to do all the things, plus make a dress that is special and personal :mermaid:

Aw! I love it!!