Quick craft, stitch markers

Not exactly the correct category, but it’s fibre and textile adjacent and I couldn’t find a better category

I had very few nice stitch makers and a small number of plastic ones ( that have vanished into the void). So to avoid using all my safety pins, I decided to make a few new markers.

Some of these are charms that @MistressJennie gave me when I visited her 6 years ago, the pandas were from a set I bought to make things for @jemimah in a swap nearly two years ago -time has a shocking habit of flying past. But I’ll think of you guys when I crochet.

Ironically I didn’t have a single knitting, sewing, crochet related charm, unless you count the scarf. But everything here was from stash


Adorable! What a great way to treat yourself - I find using pretty stitch markers (and other nice tools and notions) really enhances the knitting process. These look lovely!


It’s nice when our tools have nice memories tied to them!


Yay! I’m glad they are being used!


This is a great project- useful, cheery, and full of friends. Love it!

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I love that you’ll have an extra reason to smile as you stitch!

PS the pandas are my faves.

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So cute!