Quick flatbread for lunch!

We wanted to make some pizza but the recipes online all have the yeast in weight measure or packets, argh! I baked a great deal of bread and bought yeast in enormous bags so I have a large jar in the freezer. I don’t want to weigh things, I’m just not that sort of Baker!

This recipe is quick, no yeast, baking powder instead. But I don’t recommend it because wot a pain rolling it out.
I do recommend eating it though because YUM!

That may have been our toppings however.

Caramelized onion, our dehydrated tomatoes (soaked in warm water for a couple minutes), cheese on one, the other had cheese, kale & salami. The dough is a bit like a cracker so I will bake some up plain as actual crackers & figure out the yeast for next time.


Looks yummy! Do I have any pizza toppings on hand?

2¼ teaspoons yeast equals a ¼-ounce packet; or figure about 1/3 teaspoon per gram.

I have to look it up every time because I buy yeast in bulk, too.

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So yummy looking!

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OMG thank you so much for the conversion! We’ll make dough this weekend, or this week. I hope my yeast is still good!

Keep the yeast in fridge or freezer, it lasts longer.

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I wonder if I could use these for fish tacos…I still don’t have yeast but lots of baking powder and baking soda…I have used flatbread purchased for fish tacos before

Looks yummy!

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It’s been in the freezer for about 2 years…

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I know, lol. I just don’t know if it’s still alive down there in the deep freeze after 2+ years. I’ve never kept yeast so long. I stopped being able to knead bread dough, my wrists hurt when I do it & then I can’t stitch. Since I like that way more than I like bread, I chose the sewing & stowed the yeast. We’ll see though. I got nothing to do for days but whatever I want. I’ll report back if it’s successful!


Cronchy flatbread with caramelized onion, tomatoes, and cheese?? Yes, please! Looks delicious!

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Jeeze, do I have to solve all your problems for you? :neutral_face:
Bread machine! https://smile.amazon.com/s?k=bread+machine&rh=n%3A284507%2Cn%3A289917&dc&crid=KG4NE1CNJM0X&qid=1585467684&rnid=2941120011&sprefix=Bread+m%2Caps%2C276&ref=sr_nr_n_2

Yikes, they’ve gotten expensive. I got mine at a thrift store for $10.

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Sadly, like rice machines, lined with the dreaded Teflon.
I have a stand mixer, I gave it to the neighbour because I didn’t like it but he considered it’s loan. Might be time to retrieve it.

I like the idea of no yeast!

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I’ve been reading up about wild yeasts like fermented honey or fruit water. It sounds funky, Imma try it!

I’m interested to see how this works out.

Now you go try it and report back…