Quilled Ornament?

Took a class on quilling last month, at the library…… Starting to realize that a lot of my posts start out with that very phrase. I want to get into more but I’ve got so many things to complete before I do. I made this little thing the night after I got home from the class. Haven’t done anything with it yet. But I did go down the rabbit hole of purchasing books and other supplies of course! :woman_facepalming:t3:


Another ‘well done you’! Quilling is a pretty craft. I learned some of the how to’s of quilling many years ago, then life changed and I never went back to it. I always enjoy seeing the pretty things others make from it.

See what happens when I start going through my phone pix? I do a craft dump over here!

There is a peacock quilled in one of the books I picked up. It”s in the “advanced”range though. I have no idea what I will do with him. I just know that I need to try him out!

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Looks like 2023 is a year of learning new crafts for you! How exciting!

I have always loved seeing how people do those intricate quilling projects. I think you will figure out the peacock and will be showing it to us before too long! (I hope so! I love peacocks!)

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This is very pretty. The color makes it look very floral and delicate. Nice!

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Very pretty!

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Quilling is so beautiful and yours is fantastic.

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Very pretty! It’s fun trying a new craft, especially when the results are so satisfying.