Quilt-along 2021

Amazon must be messing up…I also got a double order of bright pink bubble envelopes today…in two separate packages from two different carriers! I am happy for the extra but I know they must be using temps or something…my account only shows one order…

Do you want a Purple Thang tool? lol I got 15 of those!

Sure! Let me know if you need a foot.

i am here for this!
i gave myself the crazy challenge after last year to make one new quilt every two weeks (start to finish) and vlog the whole process.
i don’t know what i was thinking… i’ve probably lost my mind… but these prompts are going to help my gap weeks when i don’t have a specific person or project in mind :slight_smile:


Well spotted. I wake up a lot in the night, I usually try and read and avoid my phone but this conversation was in my head when I woke up. But I did go back to sleep for another few hours.

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I’ve one ruler cut down and glued to the second, so it’ll be interesting to see how it works when the glue is dry.

EDIT: it works :grin: it slides against the seam like it’s supposed to, when put on an imperial cutting mat, it’s easy to cut lovely even squares. And a benefit is the ruler is now heavier, with ‘taller’ sides so even less likelihood of the rotary cutter jumping onto the ruler and into my hand.

Thanks @AudiobookLover and @magpie, I couldn’t have done it without you

And welcome @wereradletshug I’m looking forward to what you create


I EdelC offer this for the large item finish.


That turned out so wonderful! I really love those elephants! Would you like to submit this as a challenge entry for drawing tickets? Check the first post to see what you feel it best fits. :slight_smile:


Ok, so I’ve been sewing like a woman possessed. I also made this top today, from scraps. A lot of them were leaders and ender’s from the one block wonder, so it didn’t take too long



I really love this one! It is very pretty and very exciting to look at. The strip down the middle breaks it up and makes it even more pretty. :heart:

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Thank you, I would think the crib quilt would be a large for the challenge, given it started with a lino cut. It’s that ok?


Yep! I have that entered for you. Do you want to put the one you also just shared as a challenge entry too? Quilting is big work, so if the top is completed, you can enter it if you’d like. Or, if it is for you, you can choose to use it for January’s prompt.

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Wow, @Edel! That looks great! What a beautiful way to use up your scraps! Are you thinking of putting a border on it, or leaving it as is?

Also, I have no idea how you managed to get such nice, straight cuts with a dremel, but your homemade BlocLoc looks perfect (as does the HST next to it).


That’s quite the challenge! I’m glad you found us! I remember some of your quilts from last year and I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with this year!


So, the purple thang and 1/4" quilting foot was supposed to arrive in my packages the other day, but did not arrive. I went on Amazon chat, and just a few clicks and they ordered me a free replacement! Nice!


Did you order a quarter inch foot with a guide? I use that and ‘Sewing Edge’ reusable vinyl to get a straight quarter inch. My foot also came with a stitch in the ditch foot, but I haven’t used that one yet.

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I’ll put a border on it and use it as a lap quilt.
@Lynx2Lancer it will be for me, so yes I can enter this one.


I ordered this. It was a combo about the same price as just the purple thang alone, so we’ll see what I end up getting.


It looks exactly like the foot I am sending to @immaculata for her Bernina except for the shank…it has this little side thing that either sits in the ditch or along the seam line to make a perfect 1/4 inch. I no longer have a Bernina and had some leftover feet…I have one for my Singer and my Brother…I don’t stitch in the ditch anymore…no matter how many times I try that, one or two stitches miss and it is too obvious, so I just stitch along the ditch now…less noticeable!


Finished cutting out this morning and now I’m sewing together. My new sewing machine is a dream to use.


Hi all! I have not read this whole thread because it is already very big (which is awesome; you all are so enthusiastic!), but I am very tempted to join! I’m also suuuuuper intimidated. I’ve been wanting to quilt for so long, but never even finished the mini quilt I started last year because I was finding it so difficult. My sewing machine is also a little bit on the fritz (and is definitely not a quilting sewing machine in the first place), but maaaaybe I can convince myself to drag it back out again next weekend and attempt some quilting! Eeeek!