Quilt-along 2021

wow—and there sure were a lot of participants…there had to be every color combo possible!

I think yours is very pretty with the bright colors…I saw a few that were more pastel that were just as pretty, even though I am not a pastel person…great job…and it looks like you have a few options for binding!

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I’ve missed commenting on a lot of this thread, but you guys are doing awesome stuff. I’ve missed sewing!

@AudiobookLover that quilt looks great. It reminds me of Christmas crackers


I love the geometric patterns and colors in those fabrics. And it all came together so beautifully. Seriously love it!!


Thank you all!

@AIMR, when we first cut all our fabric, I cut some binding out of the yellow. I’m not sure if that’s what I’ll go with, but I’ll figure it out once it’s quilted. I also like the idea of a scrappy binding with all the colors, but I’m afraid that might be too busy for this quilt.

@Edel, I can see the Christmas crackers now that you mentioned it!

@Abbeeroad, I bought my fabrics as part of a kit put together for the mystery quilt. It’s been really fun seeing all the other variations made with the kit. I ended up switching out a couple of my fabrics, which is how I ended up with the navy background.

I was leaning toward the yellow…it is such a bright happy color that shines in that quilt!

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Thanks for all the advice on pre-washing etc.

I didn’t wash the batik squares that I had already cut - they will be on a black background so I went with the advice to wash those with once pieced. I did wash the contrast fabric but it had to be done because it had a smell of warehouse / packaging.

I also washed the green & purple strips that I’d cut and the rest of that fabric because I’m planning to put them with an ivory fabric. There was a bit of fraying on one of the fabrics but nothing major and size is kinda irrelevant, I’ll make them what I want them to be.

The colour catcher caught a lot of dye, I’m guessing from all of the different dark colours. Will be interesting to see what happens when I put them all together…

Watch this space…

But don’t hold your breath, I am better at procrastination than doing!!


I am glad things are turning out for you!

I just bought a bunch of batiks and am reminded by your post to wash them…they are dark colors and will more than likely run some.

Looking forward to what you make!

@AudiobookLover, I love your mystery quilt! And I really enjoyed seeing the alternate versions. Thanks for sharing that link.

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@AudiobookLover what a wild and fun quilt. Very striking!

I am stuck on my lap quilt. It isn’t quite as long as I want it to be…I have long legs and really like to wrap a lap quilt around my toes while tucking it up to near my chin. I don’t need more width. So I am considering adding length that doesn’t look weird. It will mean some ri-i-i-ping, but that’s life with sewing. And the craft room is under dust cloths now because the door to the porch is due to be cut and the 70-year-old plaster board is crumbly!.


It sure is lovely!

I am with you…sometimes I add multiple borders just to make the quilt larger…I don’t think it looks weird at all…I love the gray border…will you bind it with the blue?

Yes, navy binding. I need to add to this finished top. Maybe adding a wider band between the center and the end HST blocks. I’ll figure it out. It is a great procrastinator excuse.

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I almost forgot about posting this! I haven’t been doing much sewing or crafting lately but I got my prize from @AudiobookLover and I had to share it!

I know I have things in the stash to add to it. Maybe this weekend I will work some more on a project or two.


I’m still working on the color wash quilt. But, I’m also sewing together scraps (crumb quilt-style) for my economy quilt in between the pieces for the first one so I never have to break my thread.


If you have some of the same fabrics left as the middle I’d make a row of blocks or HSTs with the dark sashing around it and add one to the top and bottom. Maybe add a thin row of the dark sashing to the sides to connect it altogether?

TTC that is eyeburningly gorgeous. Like my eyes are watering at the loveliness, for real.

Alex, I’m glad you said that about adding more HSTs. I felt greedy wanting to see more but honestly, that quilt is a real stunner. The grey just doesn’t seem to do it justice. It deserves more of those borders around the edge so every time you look at any part of it your eye falls on that awesome fabric & great looking piecing.

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Thank you!

It’s going to be so beautiful!! Well, it already is!

Also… we have the same sewing machine!

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stunning…I just love quilts with so much color…

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Look what book I just started…so many ideas! :wink:


Thanks, friends!