Quilt Cards

I saw a pretty card, made with a die. I don’t need no stinkin’ die, I can draw my own cut file and cut it with my Silhouette!

I realized it was going to be easiest to cut the entire file multiple times and just swap out the colors I wanted. And then I realized that I could make a whole bunch of cards from all those pieces.

These are the papers I pulled.

This is what the cut file looks like, with the loose pieces removed.

Groups of pieces ready to glue.

Putting the first frame through the Xyron machine to add adhesive to the back.

The frame, adhered to the base card. No need to clean up the glue boogers, because other pieces will be glued in the holes.

Gluing the little pieces with good old white glue.

Five cards made.




Thanks for the step by step!

Looks like you have parts for two more cards?

Pretty! Love that you made your own cut file (of course you did).


I ended up not using a big set of green pieces, and the frame I have left is also green. Not usable right now, but I could cut another set and swap them around.

Oh, and the pink at the right end is the back view of the flowered piece, so it’s doubly used up :).

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Wow those are beautiful. Imagine if they were made with transparent plastic or tissue paper and hung up in a window!

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This is lovely. And the different colour schemes make it look like a new pattern each time.

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@irid3sc3nt I have some heavy waxed “kite” paper that cuts well on Silhouette, but the process of gluing all those little pieces–which would each have to be glued to the back of the FRAME, ever so carefully…that’s for younger fingers than mine.

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Those are beyond gorgeous. What a beautiful collection.

I have these report covers that are peel-away plastic over a stiff, clear, sticky sheet of flexible stuff. Placement would be tricky but no more that gluing.

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What a lovely set of cards!

Such beautiful cards!

Gorgeous cards!

Beautiful! They look like fancy accent tiles.

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These turned out beautifully! Genius idea!

WOW! These are stunning!!!