Quiltalong - 2023

Oh no, @AIMR! What happened to your leg? It sounds like you’re pretty busy, I hope you share the custom jacket when you finish it!

@Immaculata, a Christmas table runner sounds like a nice project, plus with Christmas still a few months away, you can take your time with it!

Before the month ends, does anyone have any blocks they’d like to nominate for our November and December BOMs?

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I tore my achilles tendon and had to have my leg casted. I am leaving to go see family and friends for the first time in 4 years…just bad timing. I have to leave the cast on for 3-4 weeks and hope it heals without surgery. Fortunately, it is not my driving or sewing leg!

That sounds awful. I wish you a speedy, surgery-free recovery! I hope you have an amazing time visiting with your family!

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Aaaahhhhmazing! What an incredible piece of work. Clearly, you love your mama. :orange_heart: :black_heart: :white_heart:

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Here is another block for my daughter’s quilt. It doesn’t fit any categories, just a fun block. The contrast on one side turned out rather low, but now I think it makes it more interesting.


Hey quilters! After receiving all of my squares for the Scrappy Swap, which was really fun and you should join next round, I got the idea that I’d like to make a lap quilt out of my squares.

I got about 150 2.5" squares from the swap and I estimate I’ll probably need at least another 150 more (although I like a good sized quilt so the more the merrier). While I have some stash and sloth003 offered to send me more squares (which I’ll take you up on!), I’d love to incorporate even more LCers into my quilt.

Since it’s a scrap quilt, pretty much anything goes but here was what I put in my Q

What colors would you most like to receive? I love all colors. Lately I’m really drawn to any tints/tones/shades/jewel colors.
Are there any colors you actively dislike/don’t wish to receive? Not really but I’d like to limit the dark browns, and stark primary colors
What styles of prints are you most interested in? (brights, modern, neutrals, etc.) All of the above. I love geometric prints
Are there any fabric styles you don’t like or don’t wish to receive? Holiday, kids novelty prints, French country, Disney

If you’d like to send me some 2.5" mini-charms (you can fit 25 or so in an envelope with a single stamp in the US or 12ish for international but even 1-2 would be appreciated), let me know!


I’m in! anything to reduce my scrap even by this minuscule amount. I may send charm squares which will cut down nicely to your mini charm size. Send me your address!


@Abbeeroad, YouTube recommended this video, and the quilt reminded me of you! (Though I’m sure lots of other people might like the pattern.)


Ooo!! Love her fabric choices too!!

improv wreath, scrappy!


Well now, that’s just gorgeous. I’m tempted


November Prompt
According to this introduction to trapunto blog post by Shannon Brinkley, “Trapunto is a quilting technique where you add extra stuffing or batting to create a more 3 dimensional effect in your design.” If you click on the link above, you can also see pictures that show this technique in action. With Christmas coming, this could be a great technique for creating an heirloom ornament!

Creating a Trapunto Design With a Sewing Machine - Step by Step Tutorial
Trapunto Quilting Video Tutorial

November BOM:
Screenshot 2023-11-01 100250

Cain and Abel - nominated by AudiobookLover
Video Tutorial - makes 5.5" block

Quarter 4 Challenge
(October 1 - December 31)
Complete your project:
I think we may have had the same goal last year around this time. The point of this challenge is to encourage you to complete your 2023 quilt projects before the end of the year. Whether it’s a project you started some time earlier this year or a project that you’ve been meaning to start all year (I have more than a few of those!), the challenge is to finish it by the end of this quarter.

Goal List:
There’s still time to share your third quarter goals with us. You can earn an entry into the prize drawing for every goal you share and complete this quarter!


We still need a December block for the BOM. Any suggestions?


No Dec suggestion from me yet. But I did want to show another block for my daughter’s quilt. I used the method below and it worked beautifully, even if I did forget to split the seams on the first go round. Everything lined up beautifully except one square, I am trying to figure out why and how to fix it.


What a great method, thank you for sharing! How many blocks have you completed for your daughter’s quilt?

10 so far. I’ll make the Nov. block and one more then start putting the top together. I really, really want it done by Christmas. She’s had such a hard year and needs the added warmth and love.


I saw that @abbeeroad used this method to make an awesome scrappy pillow cover! She used a short cut by just eyeballing the placement instead of doing a grid…turned out awesome!

I used this method for a postage stamp block. It kept everything so much easier to put together, even if I didn’t quite get all the rows exactly even!

Love the blocks you have posted…the colors are quite soothing, so perfect for a loving quilt hug!

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Possible idea for December’s BOM? While it’s an odd size (it comes out as a rectangle), it looks like you could easily modify it by adding in another candle to the row, widening the side pieces, or putting a frame around it. And it’s sort of holiday-ish, without being holiday specific. Just a nice ‘light in the darkness’ feel.


I liked the scrappy block you posted in the swap!

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I like it and I love the way she plays with the arrangements and colors. Great for pillow covers, placemats, and table runners too. I want to make the rainbow one.