Quiltalong - 2023



Yay @magpie and @aimr, I would say you both completed this month’s prompt!

@Renstar, your quilt looks so colorful and fun! I do not like hand sewing and commend you for doing it! Did you sew the binding by hand? Lol, When I read ‘now to get it over to my brother,’ I thought you meant your brother sewing machine and was wondering what you have left to do. Then I realized, ohhh, she meant she’s taking it to her actual sibling, lol.

You should definitely submit this as a personal finish, just let me know if it’s small, medium, or large and I’ll add it to the prize drawing.


I really like those neutral geometrics against the colorful squares. Beautifully done


I only sewed the back of the binding by hand.

I have updated the post with the picture to include this.


Even still, that’s more than I ever do and I am impressed that you took the time to do it!




@Renstar it’s bright and fun. Wonderful destash.


OOO look at this block, do we have a May block, or maybe a later month? I feel like I am over nominating . :grin: https://www.ladybugthreads.com/snail-trail-block-of-the-month/
And I marionberries , submit this as my April BOM entry.
I went with a wonky log cabin because I always wanted to do a wonky log cabin. I did two because I didn’t like the red and green one much, but the rainbow one hit the mark. They both will go in the scrap quilt that is currently sitting in a box.

I marionberries, offer singing blocks for April’s prompt, which was applique.
This is in response to Holly Near’s I am Willing, an 8 x 8 block. fabric strings, netting, and applique.

-I marionberries , offer ** August Moon (We Know We Are Love) by Nedra Johnson** for my smallchallenge entry. an 8 x 8 block
And August Moon (We Know We Are Love) by Nedra Johnson

And just some ferns and milkweed listening in. don’t know that you could call this applique, but it’s fun anyway.


I can’t see a wonky log cabin anywhere :mag:


@Cindy you are right. I just added the wonkys. They were out back partying!


Now I see them, wonky log cabins are my favourite kind.


@Renstar and @marionberries - I’m loving looking at all the colourful gorgeousness! Inspirational :rainbow:


@marionberries, your wonky log cabins are so colorful! I’m looking forward to seeing your quilt at the end of the year!
That snail trail block will be great for May! Considering that we still need blocks for June-December, there is no need to worry that you’re over-nominating. In fact, if you’d like to nominate some more, that would be great (this goes for everyone else as well, we have 7 more months to fill, so please, nominate away!).


That block is the base for kitties!

Love the wonky logs, I keep promising myself I will piece something but I am so distractable right now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@Edel introduced me to Karen Brown of Just Get It Done Quilts, she’s just the best. And, how fun is this: Karen is from my city! Amazing.
Here’s an excellent recent video about destashing & organizing that I found really valuable. I particularly liked her highlighting the mental shift from “can I make it” to “do I want to make it”. That’s a real game changer.
I also like her S.A.B.L.E. designation: Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy. I’m actually no longer there because of inspirational people like her sharing their experiences & suggestions with the rest of us. I still have lots of lovely, inspiring stash but I’m not swimming (drowning) in it :smile:

Since I suggested the wonky log cabin I figured I should make some. They need trimming, & a project. What should I do with them?

I am however swimming in scraps. It’s confusing how there seem to be more now than less.


Scraps breed like rabbits! Just keep making squares until you have enough for a quilt, or table runner, or a japanese rice bag or…

I am ready to quilt my ‘hey, I sewed all the baby quilt scraps together’ quilt. I think I may hand tie, it just seems to fit. I will have to purchase some binding fabric, I don’t have enough of anything that woulf fit…I used up all the scraps!


That was helpful…I really do think she nailed it when she said our brains get overwhelmed and stop us in our tracks…I know that I don’t even want to start a project many times because of too many choices…I know it is not January, but I think doing her declutter challenge would help me…I have sort of used her idea of doing things by category…been working on my many patterns for knitting, crocheting, sewing, etc. Not just physical patterns but also the mess that is on my computers (and I have them stored on three! plus a storage stick…).

Thanks for the link!

And yes, just when I think you are out of scraps and scrappy projects…ha…never seems to end


Karen brown is just amazing, her systems make so much sense.

@magpie I literally have no clue where all the scraps come from,I won’t keep anything too small or too skinny. I categorise them into 4 boxes, 2.5" strips of all colours, blues/greens, reds/yellows, blacks/whites. Anything of about 1/8 of a yard isn’t a scrap, it’s on a shelf. I try and make from my scrap pile first. Despite all this, the scraps are inexhaustible.

And as for your scrap pile, keep going until you’ve made a nice lap quilt size and then give it to someone you love. I always figure you can have too many table runners, etc etc, but making a quilt allows you to give it away, and you stash bust a large piece of fabric for the back, and if you get clever you can use up strips of batting for a smaller quilt. And you get the joy of knowing someone is warmed by your efforts.

Make more quilts people!


Could you join a few larger pieces of fabric for the backing, like FQ-save you having to go and buy more


That’s 1 small basket, there is this too

It’s endless!

These are pretty nice.