Quilting Bee

This is the last one I have completed in the series. I had to include a picture of a quilting bee. As a kid, I would sit under the quilt frame in my grandmother’s living room and play. I only wish I’d paid more attention to the conversations going on over my head.

The blocks in this frame ended up 1/4". I was going to make the whole frame, but… the blocks were 1/4". I didn’t do any embroidery or quilting on this image because I knew my stitches would never do them justice.

I’ve been thinking about where to go next with this project.


Those tiny pieces in the border are wonderful to capture the theme of this piece.


Love the framing!


I’m thinking that you should next go to the post office to mail these to me!


Those tiny blocks!! :star_struck: Not having them go all the way around actually draws more attention to them.


I agree, I love the way you highlighted the patchwork by just doing the corners. This is really cool.

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Thank you all. Your comments about this series are inspiring me to get back to working on it. One of the many things I love about crafster now lettuce!

Such a cool way to showcase an old fashioned quilting bee.

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