Rabbit glasses holder & jackalope

I made a rabbit glasses holder and a jackalope using the rabbit head pattern here.
I madethese for my $5 swap partners. It was a fantastically fun challenge to make them each something special for $5 or less.


What a clever idea. Love the patch work.

I love my bedside glasses-minder rabbit, and it’s so much richer and more interesting in person! There is a fabric that looks like the night sky, and on one side, it looks like the rabbit has a closed eye. So amazing, and so appreciated! Thanks again!

That’s so cool! Cant believe it was $5ish!

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It DOES looked like a closed eye! I didn’t see it until now!

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The patchwork jackalope is awesome!

What a cute and clever project!!! Love the patchwork and how something so cute can be functional! I am always losing my reading glasses and magnifying glasses!

These are SO AWESOME!! Love the scrappy style and the functionality! Excellent. :star_struck:

These are great! I might have to take your jackalope as inspiration!

Howwwww!!! Even with the link, I’m still enthralled! You made 3?! That’s wild! I love these so much!

Thank you so much. I only made two, the glasses holder and the jackalope. I used pipe cleaners inside the ears and also for the antlers. I really like them because they are poseable.
The glasses holder pretty much followed the pattern. I had a LED light for a Jack-o-lantern. I used that for the base. Then I added two hair ties at the back to support the eyeglasses. This was the easier project of the two. Sewing the antlers into the jackalope was much more difficult. I did it twice before I decided to leave well enough alone. I also don’t feel like I ever got the stuffing quite right. It was always under or over stuffed. I still feel like he looks a little tortured, but I finally had to call it done.
With all that said, i will probably make more of these in the future. A jackalope is the perfect gift for the person who has everything. :smile:


ohhhhh REALLLY???

No pressure, but if you wanted to do a personal swap for one of these babies, you let me know!

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Ooh, I had to come and find this project when I saw the one you sent JC. It is MARVELLOUS!

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What a great project!

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