Radiohead Kid A Inspired ATCs

I recently watched a video about the history of Radiohead’s Kid A album. I’m not great with explainations so to quote wikipedia ’ Yorke wrote many of Kid A ‘s lyrics by cutting up words and phrases and assembling them at random, combining everyday cliches and banal observation.’ And i loved that nonsense and i wanted to make atcs inspired by it. There are ten tracks on the album, but one is instrumental only, so how perfect for a set of nine atcs. I picked my favorite lines from each song and started getting my atcs ready.

I choose to use some really amazing mixed media looking scrapbook paper for the backgrounds. I’ve had this paper for almost fifteen years and i have long forgotten what the brand was. I do remember i got it a Michael in a paper pack. I decided to also use the polkadot and stripe paper from 7 gypsies that i have also been hoarding for that long. I have a stamp of Radiohead’s logo ‘modified bear’ and i stamped one on each card. As usual i used old yearbooks for the girls. Once everything was glued down i used pan pastels all around the inside edge of the border, gel pen doodled all over. Printed, cut, and meticulously arranged the phrases. Used some light molding paste with stencils, added pan pastel color on top of the molding paste, liquid pearls scraped around all over, and use some black acrylic and a starry sky stencil. i think that is everything i did. It took me a few nights to do, as i only had time to work after LO went to sleep. I did adjust the colors in photoshop a bit to look more like the actual atcs.


These are brilliant! Thanks for sharing your techniques. Out of curiosity, do you use scans of the yearbook photos or original yearbook pages?

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These are fab!

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This is an amazing concept for a set of ATCs. You pulled it together brilliantly, and I love the quotes you chose.

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Fun details…like their rosy cheeks and eyeliner!

Always enjoyable to hear your process and what inspires you…I continue to admire your work and your creativity!

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I usually just use the original yearbook pages, but i just learned how to print and cut with my cricut so i may start making digital collage sheets for myself and saving all my favorite pictures!

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awww THANK you aimr, you always have such thoughtful replies!

You have such a way with colour. Your work is always unique while still being distinctly you. These are awesome.

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aw thank you, i think this last year i have finally figures out my style

I’m digging their eyeliner!

oh that’s a good idea


You inspire me.

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Aww thanks!

These are GORGEOUS. Ilove these so much and I love that you are using music quotes. I dont like using the usual mixed media quotes or words so this is helpful. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I also don’t like the usual quotes for mm stuff, lyrics and just random nonsense are my favorite phrases to use. I did a set with quotes from inspirobot, an AI that generates quotes that seem real but are just a little off. Fun

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Ooh! That’s a great idea too!!!