Rainbow Art with *Language Warning*

I just love the Positive Affirmations Swap. It’s so uplifting and low pressure. One of my absolute faves. I used this year’s swap to send a few extra affirmations out into the world. I painted these rainbow cards to send them in:

One of which went to may actual swap partner along with this fun piece of art (blurred for some swearing):

When I saw this quote on my partner’s Pinterest I just knew I had to combine it will some over the top rainbow goodness. The contrast still makes me smile.

Thanks for looking! :heart: :rainbow: :poop:


It’s all mine and I absolutely love it to pieces! I love your style + black and white with pops of color. Gorgeous piece!!!


Love the contrast of cheery colors and snarky words. The doodles are so vibrant!


Ah man, those rainbow watermelon slices are wicked cool!

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It was such a relief to hear you liked it! I had the anxiety. :sweat_smile:

Especially since what you made me was so amazing!!

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Gorgeous! And good quote, too.

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Your rainbows are amazing! And your sassy affirmation is EPIC!

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Those rainbows are fantastic!!!

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Such lovely work! And your swap version is awesome- live the contrast!

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Everything about this showcases your unique style, these are such fun rainbows and your positive affirmation makes me laugh :laughing:.

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