Rainbow Birthday Card

A bright and cheerful birthday card of origami pinwheels.

I cut the sentiment from matte black vinyl.

I cut the squares 2" to fold down to 1".

The fold is like a 4-petal flower base, with the corners tucked in.

Here the corners of the pinwheels are folded up out of the way while I glued the squares to the card front.

I used a dab of glue inside the pinwheels to flatten them.

The points are opened up again.


Thatโ€™s beautiful and looks like it took a lot of time to make.

@Lynx A few hours, yes.

Wow, the interlocking pieces are so striking! And I love the way the colors go diagonally. Gorgeous!

@endymion As you can imagine, I tried a bunch of different arrangements before landing on this one.

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The geometry of the finished card is so satisfying! What a great card.

That is incredible. Looks like SO MUCH work, wow.

This is just stunning.

Wow! That is not a Rainbow Birthday Cardโ€ฆit is a Rainbow Birthday Gift!

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Love this!