Rainbow Brite Plastic Wrap Mask Test

Cool, this seems like it would be good for quick fusing fabric applique, maybe for a waterproof piece like a cosmetic bag. I wonder if it would sufficiently seal inkjet printed fabric. I have a scrap of that somewhere to test.

Thanks for sharing this new possibility!

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that’s a good idea to seal inkjet printed fabric, let me know how you go :blush:

Thanks for reminding me. Next time the scraps turn up…

Doesn’t work well. I did one layer of plastic wrap on each side of printed fabric, then tested; I guess there were holes in the plastic because the ink ran. Tried again with more layers of plastic thoroughly ironed down, making sure there was plastic sticking out all the way around, so edges are sealed. And…

You can see it leaked in spots.
Maybe 8 or 10 layers of plastic would work…but I’m out of printed fabric.

This is probably why the paper prints fail in the wash, too.

Did you print a picture on paper, put the plastic around both sides of the paper and then on top of the fabric before ironing?

I made a tutorial on the process if you wanted to see more instructions :blush:

Oh I just reread your previous comment to test for inkjet fabric, shame it didn’t work with just the fabric. Maybe the fabric by itself isnt stiff enough like the paper to hold the plastic firm to bond together, now I am going to think about it and might experiment for you :blush: