Rainbow Change Purse Clutch

Hi all! One of my closest friends donated some embroidery floss to me, after her grandmother passed away. Her grandma made beautiful cross stitch patterns, and I own one of her beautiful covered bridge patterns. While I don’t embroider, I do crochet. I wanted to honor her and her stash so I set out to begin using it in my crochet work. Today I made a beautiful and colorful long change purse, with clasp. I just crocheted around the metal closure, which worked well because the thread is thin enough to allow the change purse to securely close. Yes, it could have been shorter, but I love the unconventional! Here are the pictures, enjoy!


WOW! You crocheted that using floss? It is beautiful and knowing that you did it with something cherished by another makes it even more special! The stitches are so tiny…it must have taken a long time to make.

The length is good to hold a lot more than change…unique…have you shown your friend? What was her reaction?

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Holy macaroni, such a lot of teeny hooking! That’s really cool.

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It took about six hours. Exactly long enough to marathon watch all of the episodes of the High Fidelity TV series on Hulu today lol. My friend hasnt seen it in person, but I’m thinking of giving it to her as a gift :heart:


It would be a cherished gift, for sure.


What a great project! I think it would be a lovely gift for your friend. The proportions are so fun, and love the rainbow!

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I love the colors you chose, the fact that it is something usable for you to give your friend, that it is bigger than usual purses of that type…and…I love how her grandma had her embroidery floss wrapped!

I also that that was fantastic! I kept scraps of my plastic cloth and am going to do that!


Very cool! I love your happy rainbow color palette.

That is some intense, dedicated work!

It is so pretty! And how awesome that you made that out of floss you were given by your friend. It will be the perfect gift in honor of her grandmom.

Great work! :metal:t3:

Whoa, that is dedication! And it turned out beautifully. A lovely tribute.