Rainbow Cupcakes!

I’ve always wanted to make some rainbow-frosted cupcakes and I finally got to do so for my friend’s birthday! These are vanilla & chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting. Of course, sometimes the prettiest of things take so much work, and even with how simple they seem, they were a lot of prep! I had to make a big batch of buttercream frosting and then divided it up into six different bowls for the colors: red, orange, yellow, blue, green, and purple. Then I put each color into piping bags and pipped lines of each color onto plastic wrap. Then I rolled it up and put it all into another piping bag and swirled away! So many bowls and so many piping bags!!! But they turned out so beautiful and were delicious!

Here is a visual tutorial that I used to make the rainbow effect:

Recipe I used for the vanilla cupakes:

Recipe I used for the chocolate cupcakes:

Recipe I used for the buttercream frosting:


These are gorgeous! You’re a baking machine, and I am here for it. :grinning:


Very pretty!

I made rainbow cupcakes years ago by dividing the batter and colouring it before baking, people didn’t know about the rainbow until they bit into them.


So pretty! :cupcake:

Wow! That is a lot of prep, but so worth it! The end result is so striking!

All that hard work paid off! These look beautiful and delicious!

These are gorgeous!

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Too pretty to eat, but I wouldn’t be able to resist!


Your commitment to the project paid off - these are gorgeous! I have a similar frosting situation coming up, to a much less intense degree. I was kind of dreading it, but these are inspiring!


Sooo pretty! They are magical.


I can imagine how much work went into these! They are gorgeous!

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These are absolutely gorgeous!!! I adore them!!!

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Your frosting looks like amazing rainbow flowers :heart_eyes:.

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Thanks! That the design I do to make my frosting look like roses! So much more fancy! Basically you start swirling your frosting from the middle instead of the outside.

So bright! I want to eat those, bet they’re so delicious!

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Wow, speechless!