Rainbow Paint Stripes Blouse

My project of the week. I tried to lay this out on a different fabric but the repeat was too big and I couldn’t match the pattern.

Pattern is Simplicity 9233. I eliminated the front seam and changed the neckline finish.

Finished size of new neckline binding (the interfacing pattern).

Fabric is a Keepsake Calico from Joann. It’s softer than you would expect from that fabric line. The rainbow stripes are assymetrical, which took some thought when laying out the pattern.

I love the neat buttonholes made by my old Singer buttonholer, which I Frankensteined to work on my Bernina. (But that’s a whole other long engineering story.)

Ha. I also see my topstitching is less than perfect on that corner. Luckily only you and I will know.


Comfy, cheerful, and beautifully made; everything you want in a blouse. Nice job!

Another winner by you!

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Wow, your hand-stitched wardrobe is fabulous! Love the buttons. My mom had some earrings that looked like that.

@endymion I must have thousands of buttons. A gallon Mason jar, each, of white, brown, black, metal; and then 1/2 pint jars of each color. It was a Covid project to sort them, but even with them sorted by color it’s still “fun” to find any that match. Those two black ones were sitting together right on top so I must have considered them for another project but thrown them back.

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I’ll bet those jars make a pretty rainbow on your craft room shelf! I have lots of buttons that I reorganized as a COVID project, also. I put mine into embroidery floss organizers, but I still find it tough to find the ones I need! Don’t have many the same, though. At our local recycled-craft-materials store, I sometimes find matching old buttons that have been strung together on string or safety pins. That might be handy.

It’s not so bad with the colors because I haven’t as many. Finding 8 black buttons all the same? It is to laugh. But I also use big safety pins to keep sets together.

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So bright, I love it.

This is amazing!
I like the effect on the cuffs and sleeves, it looks a bit like it’s an animated drawing of a shirt :slight_smile:

I wore this shirt today with black pants and these socks.

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How cute! The socks really add to the outfit too :blush:

Great top! And those socks are the perfect accessory!