Rainbow Rolled Rose Wreath

Say THAT three times fast…
Rainbow rolled rose wreath
Rainbow rolled rose wreath
Rainbow rolled rose wreath

This was another “Hey Mom, can you make this for me?” for my daughter. Her front door had a storm door that sat pretty tightly, so the wreath needed to be relatively flat and unbreakable.

I didn’t have a perfect rainbow of colors–just used what I had.



Well, this is pretty!! I bet she loves it!

This is wonderful!

Very pretty!

That will be lovely on her door! I like this, i want to pet the roses. :wink:

It’s beautiful!

So cheery for spring!

For just using stash you nailed the rainbow. This is so pretty and makes me ready for Spring.

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Such cheery colors!!

The colors are striking. I love all the mid-range colors were used and not just primary. Great job!

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