Rainbow Swirls of Crocheted Soft Frisbees Now with tut

I’ve made dozens of soft frisbees over the years. They are always a hit at our charity fundraisers or prizes at a game day for the kids. My DW and friends produce a week-long camping festival every year and we devised a game of Soft Frisbee Goddess Golf using hula hoop rings and soft frisbees. But the event was canceled. I will probably donate these again and start a new batch. One friend of mine, who is a sporty type, had always failed at Frisbee throwing, but she loves these and can fling them quite far!

Small dogs love them too. A friend’s corgi, who is fading due to old age, still drags out his favorite toy, a soft frisbee. They are great for kids and indoors too, though a good fling might knock a vase or lamp over.

I use double acrylic yarn and an H hook with single crochet. I try to crochet very tightly so they have some heft. Any round flat hot pad type crochet pattern would work, though I stagger the increases so they don’t have obvious sections. At the edge I do two rounds with no increase, then decrease in the next two rounds. Since I often use yarns of slightly different weights to get the colors I need, there are always adjustments made along the way to keep things flat. But either blocking them or simply sitting on them for a while usually flattens them right out.

Found the original tut. https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=412132.0#axzz2VfBgMRc6


I LOVE these! You have given me a great ides to use up bits of yarn and yet make something I can donate to kids charities around here. If you don’t mind me using your idea of course.

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Go for it, the world needs more frisbees! And kids love them. They are a fantastic donation item. And use up lots of yarn bits. I don’t always do rainbow, or even stripes, but this was a special project. Our church’s annual craft fair (if we even can have it this year…maybe an online version) rainbow booth will love these!

I saw one in a store years ago and said, “I can do that” and then looked up some patterns. Etsy used to be full of them for sale. I’m talking maybe 10 years ago? I ended up adjusting a hot pad pattern and then once I got the hang, just crochet away adjusting as I go. Start with a 6 stitch magic circle.

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Those are terrific and I LOVE your sitting on them to make them flat solution, haha!

@AIMR, @underthemountain is always looking for donations for her kid’s charity project. I know you have lots of yarn, lol!

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Quite some time ago, I bought one of these from a Heifer Project farm gift shop with the intention of figuring out how to make one, but my skills weren’t good enough at the time. Since I have no idea where it is, I’m happy to see that you’ve posted these here with an explanation of how to make them.

I just found the original post with tut…through Pinterest to you know where!


only 8 years ago…how time distorts all things.

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these are really cool. what a fun thing to make.

These are great! I make items for an annual local fundraiser, and these would be PERFECT for that! Thanks for sharing, and for locating the long-lost link.

I love them.

Fun, fun, fun!!

These are wonderful!!!

I love the rainbow colors. Once while supervising a school field day I got hit HARD in the jaw by a frisbee. The kid who threw it was horrified. I was fine, but would have been a lot better if I had been hit by one of these! :grinning:

They don’t go as far and I think they are easier to throw. And one in the face is no problem. And they can be quite fun inside! Or the back yard! Or to stop the snoring TV watcher!

I’ll never forget that when I was in elementary school we had a field day and I was doing the frisbee throw. All of the kids were sitting along the sides of a straight open area. I threw my frisbee, it veered off to the right and a girl stood up and it hit her straight in the forehead! Ouch! If I was aiming for her, I would have missed… just bad timing. So, I’m definitely a fan of the soft frisbee :slight_smile:

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Thank you for posting these! They look great and I’m sure will be a hit wherever they end up.