Raised sealer over photos on plastic

hey y’all, I made a custom globe for my wife’s 40th birthday, with little cutouts that look like Polaroids of all of our trips (see pic). The pictures are glued down, but they feel a bit raised and I want to recapture a smooth surface like a globe should have. Plus, I also i want to protect and seal them in. What should I paint or coat this thing with? -Thanks


Sorry, I don’t have an answer for you. I just wanted to let you know that I think this is an awesome idea!

Also: welcome!

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what a cool idea!

you would need to use something thick that doesn’t run off. Perhaps UV resin; put a layer on a section, cure, repeat… Test some on extra pictures before doing the whole globe.

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thank you SO much; i’ll check out that technique!

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I think you’d need to start over for this but classic decoupage would work perfectly.

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thank you for your reply and suggestion!

I would think you could try some sort of gel medium or matte medium. (Essentially the same thing as decoupage.) Test it on something else first, of course.

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your advice! I’ll look into that, and the other suggested option (UV resin) when at the craft store later.

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