Random green necklace and earrings

My motivation and crafty inspiration wells are dry. So I took a challenge from the Corona challenge chain. Plus the postman delivered some pretty green beads today.

I pulled out all of my green beads, mixed them up and made a random beaded necklace and a non-random pair of earrings to match

Action shot


Very pretty. You and the necklace. Look at all that hair! I loved the skull beads!

I was thinking the same! You look beautiful @Edel! Even more so with you new bling. Love the subtle skulls.

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Beautiful! And the jewelry is nice too :slight_smile:

Aw you guys are the sweetest :sparkling_heart::star_struck:

And I got curls! Never had a curl in my life until chemo


So pretty! You really achieved a nice sense of balance even though the beads are randomly strung. You hair has grown so much in the last year!*

  • you know, like hair does.

It usually stops growing curly as your follicles recover. Enjoy the curls while you have them!

That’s what I’m thinking, all the curls are at the bottom and I’m pretty certain that all the new growth is straight. Eventually all the curls will get cut out with trimming.

Yay green! :green_heart:

Congrats! Your Green Necklace and Earrings are one of this week’s featured projects. Way to go!

Cool :grin: