Ravioli Cake

I was a cake decorator for many years, and I have the chance every so often to dust off those skills.

I was commissioned to make a cake for a product launch by a vegan “meat” company. The cake itself is vegan as well.

The cake recipe is actually one from Smitten Kitchen. It’s the Chocolate Olive Oil Cake. When I make it for a layer cake, I just use a lighter oil vs. an olive oil. The cake itself is incredibly moist and rich.


This looks so amazing! You have mad skills!


It looks just like a giant ravioli! Thus is really cool.

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I used to be a cake decorator too!
Your cake looks amazing!

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Looks delicious and perfect!

Super cute!

Equal parts adorable and hilarious!

It looks really nice! Well done!

Oh my gosh, this is AMAZING! I love it!! Such a unique subject for a cake.

wow, your skills are fantastic!

Omg, too cute! What an Italian dream of a cake! With someone with an italian last name, I approve. :slight_smile: