RBG Japanese knot bag and merit badge

I made this Japanese knot bag and merit badge for @Abbeeroad in the Inspiring Women swap. She requested Ruth Bader Ginsberg for her theme.
The bag says, “When there are nine.”


I’ve never heard of a Japanese knot bag before. The minimalist sensibilities of the bag and embroidery go really well together.

I could not love these more. Your stitching is impeccable!!! What stitch did you use so I can try to be equally awesome? :smile:

Love this! You are so creative! I like the idea of embroidering on these functional and simple bags!!

This is all kinds or awesome.

The badge with the crown cracks me up! Awesome!!

Thank you. I use a stem stitch when I want nice, smooth curves. It hides uneven stitch lengths, which is an extra plus. :slight_smile:

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This is awesome! I also have not heard of this style of bag before but I love it.

Congrats! Your RBG Japanese Knot Bag and Merit Badge is one of this week’s featured projects. Way to go!

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