Re-decoupaged Foam Pumpkin

I like to use pumpkins for my autumn/November seasonal** decorating. I have a pair of dollar store foam pumpkins that I decoupaged several years ago and am no longer liking very much.

I dug searched my Pinterest pins for “pumpkin” for ideas and came upon a pin using paper napkins for decoupage. Wait a minute… I have some tree bark printed napkins that would be just the thing for my vibe!

I sanded down the previous decoupage to even it out a little and painted it brown with craft paint. While the paint dried, I separated the printed layer of the paper napkin from the other layers and cut that into strips wide enough to cover the sections of the foam pumpkin - 3/napkin.

I squidged the napkin at the top and bottom of the pumpkin to help make the bark look a bit more natural. The stem is painted with brass paint. The bottom had just a little bit of undecoupaged paint showing so I used my Sizzix to cut a circle from some printed cardstock to cover it.

**Well, pumpkins, pinecones, and turkeys.



Love the new look!

Love it!

Very cool! I will have to show my son he loves creating with these foam pumpkins!

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Thanks, friends!

The bark print is really perfect! I would probably never have thought to myself that a pumpkin needed bark…

You caught that vine and ran with it! I have several of these pumpkins that I’m just kinda meh about I’m glad I didn’t toss them this year

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Aw, thanks!

@Bunny1kenobi It took me a few years of having these napkins for the purpose of decoupage and a not-exactly-desperate perusal of my pins to get to bark pumpkin!

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Very cool! The gold stem goes so well with the decoupage.

Thank you!

That looks so cool. The bark pattern is just awesome, I even see some patches of mossy green in there? Nice. Good choice with the gold stem too.

Thanks! And the napkins had a little moss on them which was a nice touch!

Congrats! Your project was one of the best of 2021! You are awesome!

Whaaa!? Thanks so much!