Ready, set, go! Baby quilt

This is from last year but I never got around to posting it.

A couple of years back I finished this quilt:

I had some leftovers from that quilt. Last year I wanted to make a last minute gift for a newborn baby and I found them in my stash. Turns out there was just enough fabric leftover for a small baby quilt! I made this in one evening. Quilting is stitch in the ditch.

These are the only pictures I have, I took them in the morning right as we were leaving to meet the baby for the first time.


This is adorable. I love how festive your fabrics are, and it’s great that you made it in one day. Congrats to whomever has the new family member! They are lucky to receive this gift of love.

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Very nice!

This is adorable! Amazing work.

And this is why we have stash…ha ha…you sure whipped that up quickly and made a super personalized gift from STASH…great job…I love to have baby or child fabrics on hand just for times like this…

The backing fabric is adorable…

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The backing fabric came from the €1 bin at the local fabric shop! I can never walk past that place without taking a quick look in the €1 bin. They often have kids prints for sale.

The batting was also from stash and is synthetic. I always make sure to use easy to wash synthetic batting for baby/kid quilts so the parents don’t have to worry about the quilt getting dirty, they can just throw it in the machine.

I am working on a baby quilt and just had my batting delivered. Yes, synthetic is best for washable and easy care quilts for parents.

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It is adorable! Super schattig!

And isn’t it great that you had it in your stash! Yay!! Stash busting!

What a great gift!

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I love the combination of fabrics and the transportation theme!

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Terrific! How great to be able to find all that coordinating fabric in stash, and to make it all in such a short amount of time.

Those discount fabric bins are a dangerous delight. I love the monster print you found for the backing!

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Cute, and how wonderful that you were able to use your stash :smiley:

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What a great present and I am impressed that you made that from “scraps” and in one day!

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I was able to stitch it together quickly because the leftovers were already cut in strips, so I only had to cut them to size and sew it all together. And with the right fabrics a simple pattern gives a really good result.

I like to keep coordinating leftovers together so I can quickly sew up something similar.

I really loved that monster fabric too! I was waiting for the right project to use it for.

That’s an adorable gift!!

It’s darling! You have and excellent eye for combining fabrics. And yay for stash crafting projects :slight_smile:

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The spotted binding is my favourite bit, it’s so contrasty and vivid!

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