Realistic fruits with procreate

I finished the last assignment for my tattoo apprenticeship before I get to learn how to use the machine! (Super excited about that!)

For this last assignment I had to do realism. I chose to do fruits. I picked a strawberry, cherries, a pear, and an orange. I’m really happy with how they turned out. Especially since it’s my first time do do anything this realistic. And never digital.


I really like the cherries and the pear! They look really good!
I’m curious to see your first tattoos! Good luck!

Those are great!

Fantastic! I feel like I could grab that strawberry out of the screen and eat it. Good luck with the machine. Woohoo!

They turned out very nice! The pear is my favorite! :slight_smile: :pear:

These came out really nice! That strawberry looks like a stock photo!

Beautifully done!

Wow, they look great!

These are fantastic! You have the highlighting and shadowing down. I think it’s weird you had to do this for a tattoo apprenticeship. Things have changed a lot since I did it. LOL! It was a lot of cleaning and making needles, oh, and watching the Simpsons. We watched a lot of Simpsons. :rofl:


These look good enough to eat.

I’m doing my apprenticeship through a “school” in Los Angeles called Body Art and Soul. I know it’s not the same as a traditional apprenticeship (I will have my time cleaning and such) but it’s what can work for me. I’m just getting to use a machine after six months of just drawing.

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I am sure your skills have improved with that much drawing. I hope you enjoy it! You will have to share some pics with us.

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These are just lovely!

Congrats! Your Realistic Fruit is one of this week’s featured projects. You rock!

Awww!!! Thanks!

Ooooh I love the pear and the orange :slight_smile:

Oh yum. That strawberry looks especially delish. I want a whole bunch of them to make into a strawberry pie.

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