Recent Wire Wrapped Pieces

I’m always making new wire wrapped pieces. So here’s a few of the more recent off my workbench.

Rainbow Solar Quartz wrapped in silver wire with a large bail.

Moss agate wrapped in antique bronze wire

Copper goldstone wrapped in copper wire

Blue agate wrapped in antique bronze wire

I get on kicks where I wind up doing similar pieces in a row. :smile: Lately, it’s been wrapping larger stones, cabs, and flat-back pieces and sculpting trees on the surface.


I love the one with the rainbow stone. Never seen anything like it!


Wow–the wire wrapping is lovely and an art form in itself! The addition of the stones seem like a backdrop to your beautiful work…I especially love the copper one.


I have never seen a Rainbow Solar Quarts before. Its beautiful and your wire wrapping accentuates it! They are all very pretty. My favorite is the Blue Agate. The way the stone is in the background, it looks like the skyline behind the tree. Also, the bail (is that what it’s called?) is cool. Beautifully done.


What a great collection! It’s fun to see you explore within a few similar pieces.


I want to see the backs of some of these pieces! How do you manage the wires? Are they part of the securing structure, or do they just disappear into the hanging portion? Inquiring minds and all that! :joy:


These are all absolutely gorgeous and my favorite is also the blue one!


I always love seeing the things you make, each piece is enchanting.


Gorgeous! My fave is the blue agate.

I just found out the Tucson Gem Show is opening this month. My favorite venue (Kino Stadium) closes 15 days after my second vax, which means I can go on closing day! Woohoo, maybe I can find some blue agate!


Goodness gracious I’ve never seen such pretty items!

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Thanks! Yeah I like to find stones that have that “horizon” style to them when possible. And yup, bail is the right word!

Most of the ones here are already sold so I can’t get a pic of the back, but I have a solar quartz one on hand and took a quickie shot of the back.

So ones like this that are “flat back” without any drilled hole, I usually add a single run up the center just to help anchor it and then it’s a matter of wrapping the wire over the edges and securing it to a thicker gauge wire frame base on the back.

When they are drilled, I run the center wire through the bead but otherwise, it’s the same thicker gauge back frame.

Either way, the frame wire then gets formed into the bail and the center wire gets wound around the top of the stone to help finish it off and stabilize it so it don’t drift or spin.


Beautiful collection! I love the blue agate.

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Ooh, that blue agate is so sparkly! The stones look great with the wire wrapping.

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mmm, moss agate! :green_heart:

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Congrats! Your Wire Wrapped Pieces is one of this week’s featured projects. Way to go!

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These are all so pretty! I think the 2nd and 4th are my favorite, but all of them are really lovely!

Btw, can’t remember if I told you or not but my mom loves the stuff I got from you to give her for Christmas. :slight_smile:


Ooh. Shiny! :grin:

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Aw, yay! How cool! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: