Recipe box and cards

I began to plan a recipe binder to keep all the recipes I love together in the kitchen, I always loved the idea of having my favourite recipes in paper form.

Of course I always loved those old recipe boxes, but I thought a binder would be a smarter choice. However, I decided to change my idea and just try a recipe box first. I haven’t seen any recipe boxes around, even on the second hand store, so I knew I had to make my own, oh no, that’s torture XD

I found a large box (maybe larger than I actually need) that was covered in, um, less than pretty fake fur, which I managed to rip off. The hinges were on the “normal” side I guess, but I wanted it to open on the long side, so I moved them over to the opposite of side once the box was covered in whatever I wanted it to be covered in.

After a lot of back and forth about how to cover the box (paint, fabric, scrapbook paper, tissue paper and so on) I found some pretty tissues at a store that I thought could fit my kitchen, dark blue with gold-ish geometric shapes. At least I do like the end result.

And then of course I needed index cards for the different categories, and seeing as I couldn’t even find a recipe box I knew I also had to make those, so I found the super old scrapbook paper that I don’t even know how I got and made some. No template used.

The recipe cards are made out of watercolour paper GASP, I just didn’t want to look for paper that was as thick as I wanted, but not too costly. At least I can paint the cards if I want to :slight_smile:


What a darling recipe card box! It’s awesome that you made your own cards to fit inside. THey are stunning, and would bring a smile to anyone’s face in search of a recipe.

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Ooooh, what a good idea! It looks adorable. I’ve been getting into cooking more and keep printing off recipes. This would be an excellent way to store them!

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That’s really pretty - almost makes me want to cook!

Love the blue and gold geometric patterned paper you selected for your recipe box (so much better than fur, I think?). Yay for staying organized in the kitchen :smiley:

Oh so pretty!
I hope you put it to good use.
I’ve tried so many times to organize my recipes but never succeeded.

I did start of organising them digitally, and it worked well, but i prefer to have them physically :slight_smile: