Reclaimed fabric challenge for Myself

Today’s challenge, how much can I make with one pair of thrifted blue jeans and only what is in my stash? The answer is 2 cross body bags, a coin purse, a pencil pouch and a make up bag. :grin:

I had a piece of denim about 4" x 6" and the waist band with zipper left over.

I apologise now for the photos. I’m still learning to take decent photos. All of these pieces are the same blue… honest!


Nice to challenge yourself to get the most out of those jeans!

You would do well in our Fat Quarter swaps…I am always amazed at the clever projects people make from just one piece…

I love the red trim on your bags…pops out the blue!

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This is great. I love this as a challenge. I might do something similar when I next hit a thrift shop.

My favourite is the pencil pouch

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My daughter laid claim to the pencil pouch quick! LoL

Thanks, AIMR. My cross body bags are usually made from two fat quarters.

Nice! I just so happen to have a pair of my mister’s old jeans sitting in the pile of clothes to deconstruct for fabric… Hmm :thinking:

Great work! I hate throwing old clothes away there’s almost always something useful to do with them :recycle:


That’s a great challenge! and the amount you made is amazing, great job, they look really nice

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Achievement unlocked.

Well done, girl.

I’m surprised by how many different things you could get out of one pair of jeans. I especially like the stripped pencil pouch!

What a nice little set! I like that every bag is a different shape.

This is brilliant! I saw a sewing kit made out of upcycled jeans that was really cool. Made good use of the pockets amd zippers

Love the challenge and the outcome too! I’ve never sewn a cross body bag before, I should try that.
Great project, lovely bags all of them! :metal:

I am amazed by all the items you were able to make from a pair of blue jeans.
Such ingenuity! And what an awesome way to upcycle. Well done you!

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Fantastic projects and yay for getting the most use from those jeans!

You got a lot of useful items out of that fabric! Kudos!!

Impressive amount of items from one pair of jeans!

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What is a Fat Quarter Swap? Sounds interesting:)

Hi, and welcome!

A fat quarter is a piece of fabric that is 18x21 inches. If you look at fabrics online, they often offer fat quarters because there are so many projects that don’t need the whole width of most cotton fabrics, 44-45 inches wide. Here is a pictorial explanation:

When we do a swap, each person makes everything they can out of that fat quarter…trying to use up as much as they can…it is amazing what people make, from pouches to buttons, cards, etc.

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