Red Dragon "Tia"

My version of the Brahmin Tia bag (top photo with gold accents) . Drew the pattern using photos and measurements given online and details. Exterior is Ya Ya Han Red Scale, interior is gold canvas. I have to admit this was the most challenging bag yet. Mine does have a top zip closure. Purse feet are misplaced and the gusset is pushing outwards but I’m ok with that.


I like yours way better anyway!

Nice job; I agree that your version is nicer!

and I spent 10 minutes drooling over scaled fabrics for which I have no use…

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This is just so dang cool! You’ve got my mind revisiting using some turquoise ostrich vinyl that I have had in stash for over a decade!


OH this is soooo great!! I like the design!

Thank you for all the positive feedback. I was super excited to use this fabric.

Color me impressed. I have never even imagined making a purse unless it was soft fabric.

:woman_genie: Your fantastic craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Congratulations! :fairy:

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Very cool! I love the shape of yours! It looks elegant!

It looks great and that fabric is ah-mazing!!!

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The exterior some what keeps its shape but also bends easy too. I added fleece interfacing to the lining for extra stability. Have you seen those movies and t.v. shows where ladies use their pocketbooks to smack would be thieves? This bag would only annoy them.

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This is phenomenal! Beautifully done!

Gosh that’s lovely - exquisite work! I too like yours better than theirs. :smile:

Thank you! A few days ago I changed the lining to black but kept the red zippers and key fob.

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OOh, black would make it more elegant and formal - very nice!