Red fox and Bunny amigurumi!

I made these for my son when he was born, to measure his growth against it! I made the fox first, since our last name is Fox, and since my nickname since High School is Bunny, I felt it was only right to make a bunny to go with it! The bunny was made using the same pattern as the fox, just altering the head a bit to get the nose just right. You can purchase the pattern here:


Too cute!

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Those are adorable! And such a cute way to measure your little guy’s growth! (He’s a cutie, too- you do good work!) :hugs:


Super cute, both of the amigurumi and your son. I love that you have the theme of Foxes to go with your last name. Adorable!

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So sweet!

Those are so cute!

Extra details I’m quite proud of:

The adorable little ball tail of the bunny and the difference in the face shape, nose length, and ears!
And the bunny hands and feet are pink (because toebeans)


And here is kiddo at 2.5 y/o holding both


They are so cute! And your boy has clearly grown a lot!

So adorable and I love the growth pics. What loved toys.

These are so sweet and cuddly looking! It’s weird how crochet can shrink so much in juat a couple years! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Congrats! Your Red Fox and Bunny Amigurumi is one of this week’s featured projects. Way to go!


What a fun idea to use the animals as size comparisons for your son and extra fun for the name references! The fox, bunny, and boy are all adorable.