Red Rose Thank You Card

I had reason to send a special thank you card, so I made this red rose. I made it a little less formal with the turquoise and red striped background and am rather smitten with the combo.

This was especially fun because it was my first attempt at resizing a whole bunch of individual files in order to resize the finished project and it worked! The one other time I made this card it was so big that it cost a small fortune to mail. D’oh!


The sliding into the envelope shot!


Ohhh! So pretty!

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Gorgeous! Love the turquoise and red!

Thanks, pals!

Really pretty darling.

Super pretty with the drops that look like water, so stylistically realistic!

I love this! The colors are perfect, too!

Thanks, everyone! Now that I have resized it, I think I will be using this file quite a bit in the future. It does kind of need having 4-5 shades of the same color paper, so I guess I’ll be keeping my eyes open for those.

This is beautiful! I like the less formal color scheme.

Thank you!

I love that you are always finding so many things to be thankful for and that you send out a card to let your gratitude be known! I really like the dew drops on the rose and am always impressed by your patience in creating all the multi-layered cards. You do really good work :blush:.

Thank you! I have been so lucky these last months with wonderful people sharing kindnesses with me! I am also lucky that I have found some great resources for projects as well as the time to dedicate to them. :four_leaf_clover:

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