Reflect: 2021 Word of the Year atcs featuring rose-breasted grosbeak

I am participating in a Word of a Year atc swap on another site and chose the word Reflect.

I decided to use some of my pre-made atc backs from masterboards. The green ones I made myself using word find pages. The others were from past swaps.

I used my Sissix Big Shot to cut the tiny hearts and black banners. I used my Cricut to cut the rose-breasted grosbeak. I discovered several in my backyard this year and they are so beautiful. They have become a favorite for me.

I painted my grosbeaks with acrylic paint.

I chose the word reflect and the birds because I tend to be happy when I watch the birds, and I reflect on happy times and memories.

Thanks for looking!


Love the bird and the word.

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Nice way to start using your word! Love that you are using your masterboards and those from swaps…

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These came out great! And, what a neat idea to choose a word for the year.

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They turned out great. I love watching backyard birds-it is so relaxing.

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These are great! And now I suppose the collective noun for ATCs could be “flock”!

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