Reflective leg warmers

Just looking at these pictures make me feel hot… I knitted these when it was still cold out this spring.

I’ve been amusing my co-workers by bringing my projects to work and crafting on coffee breaks when I’m on site. I’ve even left a couple knitting needles and balls of yarn there for my coworkers to try their hands on.

This was the perfect project for those short bursts of knitting. I had a ball of reflective yarn (Viking garn -reflex) in a hot pink and combined it with Drops Nepal (wool/alpacka). The Nepal is soft and warm, and a fair bit thicker than the Reflex. All three skeins were stash yarn that I’ve had for years…

I knitted the cuffs in pink Nepal and then knitted stripes with the dark purple and hot pink reflective yarn. I ended up increasing and decreasing so the pink reflective rows have 2 more stitches.

My coworkers said they look like raspberry licorice leg warmers :slight_smile:

I was done with them when it started to get warm out, but I got some use for them indoors when it got nippy and I didn’t want warm socks.


Love them!

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Reflective yarn?!?! :smiley: I am so behind, I didn’t know this existed, and now I want to go find some. These seem like the perfect leg warmers for a winter roller derby match!

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They would be good for that!

There is yarn with ”built in” reflective thread like this, but I’ve also seen reflective ”thread” to be held double with any yarn.

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So fun! I love the colors!

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I like the reflective yarn. It gives me major awesome 80’s vibes!

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I love leg warmers!