Refurbishing ideas for this cabinet?

My FIL gave me it. The outside is metal and the drawers are plastic. I assume I’ll have to take all the stickers off and I would like the plastic to not be clear anymore. I like that it says "for cannibalization " and have an urge to keep those stickers. Lmao I probably won’t, though


I love these old metal ones because they are perfect for attaching extra magnetic shelves, mirrors, etc that you find in the back to school/ locker customization section of office supply stores. It’s the perfect time of year for it too!

Another idea (After you go crazy with the goo-gone) I’m thinking it would be cute to paint it, then use all sorts of jewelry box hardware and go-for-baroque including tiny-tiny decorative drawer pulls, lions feet for the bottom of the box, etc…

But I’m a weirdo.


I have one that holds all of my little supplies like googly eyes, safety pins, etc. If you want to blue up the plastic, try goof off…it will take off the labels and sort of frost the plastic at the same time. It smells like yuck, though. I would paint it a color you love…I hate that mine is the same blue…it feels too industrial to me. Rustoleum has great colors that will also keep it from rusting and spray paint would hold better as well. You could also cut out nice paper to put behind the drawers with your own labels…

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@Fonduie @AIMR those are great ideas!!

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I have the plastic version of that cabinet, given to me by my brother. It’s full of miniature dishes, animals, and parts. And even a GROMMET DRAWER!

I plan to spray paint it; I like Rustoleum 2X because it covers really well and has a primer so it stays on well, too. Works on both metal and plastic, and holds up even outside; we used on both stacking resin chairs and aluminum chairs, and they looked great for years.

You could paint the drawers a different color, or even color code them. OOh, ombre!


Wow, I would love to have something like that, an ultimate organizer for all crafts, plastic pull out drawers now are so expensive. That is precious.
I think clean up, maybe some fresh paint and new handles would look great. :clap:t3:

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You could also cut a piece of wood to cover the top to make it level/flat so you can set things on top of it. Depending on where you want to put the finished piece, that might be a nice place to set a small lamp or something similar.


That’s a really good Idea!!

Lots of guys have stuff like this in their garage and stuff. I’m sure you could find one second-hand! The handles for the drawers are a clear thing. I wonder if I should cut them off and put other handles on?

Do you think the spray paint would stay on with all the opening and closing of the drawers?

Do they fit really tightly, and go skreeeeeee when you open them? Do the drawers already have scratches from opening and closing?
Then paint will probably get scraped off.

If they slide in and out smoothly and quietly, spray paint with primer will probably hold up well. Let it dry thoroughly before putting the drawers in.

If you don’t want to paint the drawers, you could just sand them to obscure the contents. If you want color, you might be able to dye them. Rit dye, hot water, but not hot enough to deform the plastic.

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Great ideas! I might try the dye and maybe modge podge some paper on the front

You could spray paint the plastic bins and make them colorful.

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