Reggie the Pumpkin

Paper mache display for my dad’s front yard.



Omg I LOVE it! Your craftsmanship is amazing, as usual.

OoooOooooo! Awesome!

So fantastic! And I love that you didn’t just paint the face on. The pose is perfect too- totally gives me the shivers!

He’s the best! Perfect amount of spooky!

That’s impressive!

Oh this is fantastic!

This is amazing!

Wow, he looks so animated! Really spooktacular sculpting! What do you use to weather-proof the paper mache?

Thank you all!

So far the paper mache is only painted with craft paint - no other weather protection. I can pop his head off or put a garbage bag over it if it rains, but his hands might be damaged.


Reggie is amazing! I love it.

That is so cool!

Sooo creepy cool. The texture makes it 100% creepier. What a fantastic piece.
What did you use for the internal shape when you were forming it?

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Fantastically creepy!

So cool! @NighthawkWorkshop, I could see you doing something like this.

Congrats! Reggie the Pumpkin is one of this week’s featured projects. You rock!

This was my question, too!
It is undoubtedly cool! And then I notice just how big it is!

But then the paper will come off and it wil look even more creepier!

He is so cool! I’d freak out if I saw that in the middle of the night!

Looks awesome!