Relax With a Good Book

I stitched this up for the ongoing stitch along. This months theme was relax and nothing is more relaxing than curling up with a good book! I was having a hard time finding a pattern… When I searched on Etsy it kept pulling up machine embroidery patterns. Then the lightbulb went off! I have an embroidery machine so I can import the pattern into the software then print it out and hand embroider it! The floral accent was a project I completed on my Glowforge. I engraved it, cut out, then used paint pens to color in.


Such a sweet design, and what a genius way of translating it to hand embroidery!

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Great little stitch. Love the floral accents!

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I like the contrast between the colored flowers and the black and white image.
And I agree, reading is awesome.

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This is so sweet and I can only imagine where that book has transported her too! I love the wooden embellishment, too! And, those socks!


Thank you! :blush: