Repair advice

Hi everyone :wave:t2:

I need to repair this old tennis racquet cover and I was wondering if anyone had any advice?

The green fabric is a very thin synthetic fabric. It doesn’t have to be a perfect job, but I don’t want to make it worse…

I would probably attach a piece of fabric to it with fabric glue, tuck it inside and glue it to the binding and fabric inside…sewing it would be hard without contortions, I would think…if you don’t have fabric glue, which is thick and won’t soak in a lot, use E6000…it is a miracle glue! lol Glue will also stop the fraying and further ripping and no one would see it inside.


That’s good advice, thanks Linda! I don’t have the same fabric, but I could perhaps use cotton? I don’t think we have E600 in Australia, but there must be some sort of alternative. I have a feeling that glue would also seep through the cover fabric, or at least show from the front, so I’d have to be really careful about how I attach it. The second piece of fabric is a great idea though :slight_smile:

I might try to treat the edge with fray check first, then turn it under and take tiny stitches along the edge of the fold and through the other layers.
I am assuming there’s a lining so you aren’t able to get at the seam allowance?


I agree, I thought some sort of needle turn applique technique would be good. The extra piece of green fabric underneath would hide the ‘white’ that would show after turning under the top fabric.

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Make it a feature; applique an embroidered patch or favorite fabric scrap over the gap.