Repaired Ceramic Christmas Tree

My mother made this ceramic Christmas tree with stand, back in the 1970s, during her ‘ceramic phase’. While I was putting away her Christmas decor, a few years ago, it came crashing down from the top shelf in her storage locker. From the sound, I knew it was in pieces, but couldn’t bring myself to actually look at the damage, until this Christmas. I thought I would try to repair it.

Putting the base back together was simple and looked passable. But trying ‘fix’ the tree took f - o - r - e - v - e - r , with less than perfect results.

Before (with a couple of pieces glued):

I hoped a layer ‘snow’ (Epson Salts mixed with Mod Podge) would hide the cracks. It didn’t look too bad, until it was lit, then the repairs were painfully obvious.

Polyfilla, mainly on the inside of the tree, but also on some of most damaged areas on top of the branches helped. More ‘snow’ (this layer consisting of Christmas decor ‘snowflakes’ and white glue) to conceal the Polyfilla. It will do until next Christmas, when I might try another layer of Polyfilla to better hide the cracks.


I’m so sorry your mom’s tree broke, but I’m glad you were able to repair it in some way.

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Great job!

The glowing lines remind me of Kintsugi, the Japanese repair technique which highlights the cracks with gold, making the damaged piece even more beautiful than the original.


I was thinking just that.


Totally worth saving! I wouldn’t mind the cracks…they are part of the story of this treasured item! Well done!


You might see the deficiencies but we all see the beauty and the saving of the memories!


Ahhh, why didn’t I think of Kintsugi!?! That would have been a far better way to repair it! Of course, I wouldn’t have the skill to pull it off…

The lyrics from Leonard Cohen’s song ‘Anthem’ - ‘There’s a crack in everything - that’s how the light gets in’ is running through my head.


Thank you!


That first photo is a heart breaker! Clever work to piece it back together.


You did an amazing job putting it back together and preserving a cherished item.


Wow! I think you did an amazing job of restoring it so you can still enjoy it.


You have done an amazing job under trying circumstances! The repairs just add to its family story!


Thank you all for the kind words.

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How awesome you were able to save this! Those cracks just show that it’s something that’s worth the extra time and attention.

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