Repaired Lampshade

Another item from my outdoor storage locker. Despite the lamp and shade being boxed, the shade didn’t fair well. I used a thrifted Chinese painted paper hanging, and Mod Podge to repair the shade. Needed to piece the paper on one side, but I just turn that side to the wall.

(No, Autocorrect, I did not mean Mod Dodge!)

The before:


Wow, great save! It looks better than it did before it was damaged.

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Great print, lovely shade!

Dodge dodge saves the day!

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AMAZING save! That print is a wonderful lampshade.

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World of improvement. This is a case of it being better after the damage!


That lampshade is really lovely. I also like it better than the previous incarnation.

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Ooh. Gorgeous. I bet it looks so great lit too!

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This is a beautiful and thoughtful repair, it looks amazing.

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