Replacing Cane Chair Seats With Jute

I am finally posting after lurking for a couple of years…

I had two chairs with cane seats that needed replacing. I decided to forgo using cane (harder to come by & more expensive) and use jute twine instead, for a more rustic look. Only one chair has a ‘before shot’ - I often seem to forget to take a photo before…

Used the same ‘weaving’ method as cane, based a Youtube video or two, minus soaking the twine. The seats are holding up, though, I purposely put them where they don’t get too much use.


They look awesome!

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Well done, you! I have 2 grass woven seat rocking chairs ghat have been in limbo for like 2 years. Great job getting it done!

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Amazing! Such an interesting look. Ambitious project too. I’m so curious about how they’ll hold up over time.

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Amazing! Love the rustic look.

Yay for emerging from lurker status!

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You did a great job on these! The weaving looks like it would’ve taken forever! How did you secure the twine?

Our dining room chairs are cane backed and every single one has a hole in the cane. They’re still usable, but you’d better not lean into the back. I’ve been meaning to do some sort of fix for a few years now, but I still haven’t gotten around to it, so I’m extra impressed that you made this happen!

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Wow! Great job on both of them. I’m also curious about how the twine is attached. Just knotted underneath?

Goodness! That looks like a LOT of work. I bet your fingers are raw. It looks super cool and sturdy.

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Thanks for the kind comments.

It took a few evenings of weaving while catching up on movies I had missed. I ended up using a plastic tapestry needles, which made it much easier to thread the multiple strands of twine through the holes and saved my fingers.

The jute is knotted then dabbed with E6000 to secure. My second attempt, the little antique chair turned out better, and is more suited to the rustic look. The bistro chair (from Ikea?) was discarded by a neighbour because the cane was broken, but otherwise in decent shape, so I decided to experiment on it first.

They are holding up fine, but I wouldn’t stand on either to reach a high shelf, but then I probably wouldn’t do that with a cane seat either.


It’s been almost a year since I did them and they seem to holding up well, though are truly ‘occasionally’ chairs, not used on a daily basis.

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What a great save. These look so cool!

These are so neat! Well done.

:zap::rotating_light: Wee-ooo! Wee-ooo! Congratulations! Your terrific craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :rotating_light: :zap:

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Nice save! I love functional crafting!

Thank you! I’ve been inspired by the projects posted here, it’s really an honour to be featured! (I am so corny…)