Reply space is too large now

When I first joined LC, in fact until 4 days ago, when I wanted to reply to a message, I hit the Reply button and a small box opened at the bottom of my iPad similar to this example …

I can’t duplicate it perfectly but it looked like this with my keyboard showing and some of the messages above the reply box.

But now, when I want to reply to a message, the window opens small but as soon as I touch the screen to type, it opens fulls screen like this …

I don’t remember changing any settings so wonder if it was a site change and is there a way to change it back to stay smaller?

Investigating. The last major system update I performed was Feb 27. Minor updates since that time should not affect that action.

Could you please tell me which iPad and operating system you are currently using, so that I can try to replicate this?

Did you try hitting the shrink button on the far right corner? Looks like you have the expanded view

It is the expanded view but the only view I get now. If it hit the shrink button my keyboard disappears and the window goes small but opens fully when I try to type again.

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I use Safari

I’m seeing the same thing on my iPad (same iOS version). As soon as I click to start typing, the input box maximizes and there’s no way to make it smaller without completely hiding it.

Before clicking into the input box (I had already started typing this message and had closed the window to take the screen shot is why the text is there).

As soon as I click into that box


Thanks for sharing your experience as it means it’s not something I did to my iPad.

My hubby has a 6th generation iPad and uses Chrome. When I signed onto his, it did the same thing as mine.

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@sweets4ever … did you get a chance to look into this? It’s still wonky for me.