Replying or Quoting - return to location

[I checked and didn’t see it, so if it’s there please feel free to delete. Or if I just missed how to fix this myself.]

When replying or quoting a comment in a thread, after entering, return user to the point in the conversation where you were. I lose where I was at, so it can be confusing. (or at least is to me)

After a flurry of replies, the discobot popped up and suggested I start a post and insert all the quotes and replies into a single entry. The in-progress window stays open at the bottom of the page and can be made larger or smaller so as not to interfere with scrolling and reading the posts.
Is that helpful? I tried it on a PC, not sure how it would work on a smaller screen like phone or tablet…

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Ah. Yes, I generally like thoughts in different posts, so consolidating them will take some change on my behalf.

Thanks @Magpie

@Magpie is there a way to view your own profile page? I don’t know what the difference between wallpaper and user cards are. and I can’t see them, even though they appear to be uploaded? Have you found a work around?

You are welcome :).
I am finding it a bit difficult to locate which post some replies are linked to so have started quoting whatever I’m replying to in the hope it makes a bit more sense. I think there are settings that will display things in different orders but then it will look one way to me, and another way to someone with different settings. So, quoting. I am making it a habit for replying here. It’s all evolving as we go :).

yeah, i started quoting more, too. and i guess i could do multiple quotes in same post? i will have to wiggle with it.

also, with quoting, it makes reading through the thread easier, as it pops up below the comment, as well as where it posts. i haven’t figured out my personal preference for that one. replying keeps it technically together, but when reading through the post, makes it more confusing. Rav does the same. You really have to stay on top of the convo or lose it completely.

That’s what I meant, the discobot popped up and suggested making multiple quotes and replies in one entry. I tried it and it seemed to be readable and not too crazy-pants.

i edited this after posting, so i don’t know if you saw this

To see your own background or profile card:

  • click on your user name in a post and get the pop up. this is your profile card

  • Then click on your profile pic on the popup to go to your profile page
    from there click Expand

then you can see your profile pic

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@geekgirl and @Magpie

I am loving ya’ll fiercely right now. Thanks, ladies!

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