Repurposed Greeting Cards: Gift Boxes, Bags, & Tags

As has become my tradition, I have used the pretty holiday cards we’ve received to make and decorate gift tags and gift bags. This year I also made some gift boxes and a different shape of bag, too!



This collapsible gift bag is one of my go-to projects for using up paper from printed cardstock pads and ribbons. The center bag in the lower photo is one made by a friend and given with a gift to me this year, but I added the greeting card and tag. I love that these fold up; so many svg files for gift bags and boxes don’t which makes them something that I’m not likely to make ahead even if I want to, because of the storage challenge. That said, I couldn’t help but make a few…


I have had the front of that fox card in my tag stash for years and just never had the right gift wrap for the right person to use it. Now that it’s a box, I can think of a few people it will work for! Same goes for the snow covered trees on the dark blue bag above.


Only a few tags this year and I think that’s a good thing considering how many I have made over the years. I went bigger on most of them than I usually do, too. I’m kind of digging it. We have gotten a few cards since I made these on the 26th, so I think there will a few more tags. There are also a couple of “good” cards that I didn’t find papers to go with in my Christmas paper stash, so those are probably going to go into stash. :thinking:


those are gorgeous, darn it!
I was thinking I would recycle the 3 years of old cards in my christmas box…

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Thanks! This is how I feel good about not liking to save cards, no matter how pretty or sentimental they are the idea of saving them makes me panicky. I just have to really focus on using them up!

These are beautiful! I tend to keep old cards with no idea what to do with them; now I’ve got inspiration. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Agree with @wittychild. I always save old cards but rarely make things out of them. Some great ideas here! And I love that you made these right after the holidays instead of storing the cards for months or years like I tend to do!

I received maybe 3 cards this year so I will admire your projects from here.

Thanks, friends!

That is the only way it will happen, so it’s straight from the holiday card display to the paper crafting tools!

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Such lovely ways to recycle holiday cards!

You are the paper master! Each one is so sweet and have such personality.

Thanks so much, y’all!