Resin bangle and pendants

Here is my attempt at a bangle. I really like this mold as it leaves it nice and shiny with no polishing needed. The stars did sink so I’ll be trying the tape trick with the next one. There is some shimmer in it but I think it’s a bit hard to see (you mostly see the tiny bubbles).

These will be pendants.

Then for fun I made these gems. Unfortunately for these, it’s impossible to pop the bubbles as it’s an enclosed mold (and this resin is filled with tiny bubbles no matter what. I’ll be switching to another once what I have runs out).


Fun resin pieces!

They are all so cool! I love resin projects! I think that the bubbles look cool, kind of like extra sparkles!

There is actually a rainbow shimmer I added to all of them so some of it is from that.

These are fun! I like the bangle and it doesn’t bother me that the stars are more concentrated on one side.

The gems look like candy!
And now I want candy, lol.
:candy: :lollipop: :dango:

I really like that bracelet.

The bracelet is really neat!
One thing I’ve found that REALLY helps with bubbles is while you are mixing your resin together, put the cup it’s in in a cup of warm water-making sure not to get the water into the resin, of course. It makes the resin thinner and less likely to form bubbles. Then, of course, heat the surface of your project as well. I recomend a heat gun. With inclusions sinking, I like to just do multiple layers. Hope any of that helps!

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