Retro Christmas scarves from vintage tablecloth

I made one scarf for my sister-in-law and one for myself. I was inspired by a similar scarf on Pinterest. They didn’t turn out exactly as planned. I bought a tablecloth from Ebay with adorable angels around the border. I used Oxyclean to remove discoloration and it ate through the the gold paint on the angel halos. I was still able to salvage the fabric, sans angels.


Super cute! I love the pom pom fringe!


Those are great! What a fun way to repurpose…

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A very fun repurpose indeed!

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How adorable! The Pom poms are a great touch.

The green pom poms are great!

I love that you used the old tablecloth!

Thank you for the kind words! The pom poms are also vintage and pretty delicate. They started to unravel as I handled them. I stitched them down very securely. I think they are OK now as long as the scarf is hand washed.
I am always looking for ways to repurpose damaged vintage linens. They are so beautiful and shouldn’t go to waste.

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I LOVE THESE! I definitely have at least one tablecloth-cum-scarf pin on my Pinterest along with a bunch of other holiday tablecloth repurpose projects and a whole heap of vintage linens repurpose projects. I feel the same way about them.

It’s a shame about the halos, perhaps they could be painted back on with fabric paint?


These are such the best! I LOVE this idea!

These are so much fun. Love the pom pom fringe.

Love the vintage linen upcycle! And the poms!!!

This is why I love this group- not afraid to dive in and try something new, and you all manage to breathe magic into everything!

Super cute scarves!

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