Reusable face scrubbies

These are great scrap busters. I made reusable face scrubbies with 2 different textures. The aqua is a soft Terry cloth and the yellow is rougher for exfoliating.


Those look great! Would you explain how you did the edges? I have some of that cobwebby stretchy filament thread for serging jersey that I wonder about using for a project like this. I’m not sure how to keep the edges from getting wavy at that density of stitching though. You’ve done a beautifully professional looking job.

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Thank you, I made these in my Embroidery machine. The edges are a satin stitch with a straight stitch in the center. Embroidery hoops have stabilizer under the stitches, that what keeps them more “crisp”. Sewing the edges onto of a tear away stabilizer might stop it being wavy.

Great idea and so pretty!

I am cleaning out my closets and have some towels that have seen better days!

I have embroidery stablizer that washes out…I save the edges from the SOLVY that I use to print my embroidery patterns…instead of throwing out the edges, I keep them in a plastic bag…now I have a use for them!

What a cool idea!