Reusable Gift Tag Tutorial

My partner in the Make a Pouch and Fill it swap requested reusable gift tags, which I loved and knew I wanted to make. I found different versions online, including one similar to these, but none with a tute that really spoke to me. So, I’m sharing what I came up with here in case it’s useful to anyone else! I do feel kind of silly making this a tutorial, since I know most of you could do this with your eyes closed, but I’m trying to be better about making/posting tutorials, so here it goes!

I did make a little template that can be printed. I have no idea if I’ve sized it right, however. I saved it as a PDF, which I can’t add here, so this image will have to do in the meantime.

And here’s a pic of the 2 main pieces to give you a sense of dimension if you want to just eyeball on your own (the tie piece is about 2.5 x 5 inches):

(sorry about the paint)

Cut 2 of the tag pieces out of your main fabric(s) - I chose 2 different patterned pieces just because, but you could do two of the same. The smaller rectangle is cut from clear plastic. I used packaging from a set of watercolor paintbrushes, but you could use anything similar. I saved these plastic containers from my kids’ Halloween costumes to make more!

Here are my pieces all cut:

First, make the tie. I used the same method you would for a basic binding: fold in half to mark your center line, then fold the two ends in to center, fold in half and stitch:

Hold the tie as shown in the picture below and align at the top of the right side of one of your tag pieces.

Sandwich the tie with your other tag piece, right sides together.

Sew around the outer edge, leaving a gap at the bottom or one edge for turning.

Clip corners and turn inside out.

Now topstitch around the edge, being sure to close the gap on the bottom (or side, wherever you left it).

Lastly, sew on the clear plastic piece, leaving an opening at the top to insert labels/sentiments (at this point I decided I wanted the blue to be the front and the yellow the back, hopefully I didn’t just confuse everyone!).

Now make a bunch more!

Pairs perfectly with @Magpie’s Reversible Fabric Gift Bag Tutorial!


What a cute idea! I made luggage tags similar to these a few years ago! I would never have thought to make gift tags like this!

So smart!

PS. Totally stealing this.

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What a clever idea! These could be used in any number of labeling or embellishing ways! Luggage tags, like @Bunny1kenobi made, labeling lunch bags or backpacks, yoga mat carriers, or just as a cute handbag embellishment!


Great idea for stocking stuffers!

Never underestimate a tutorial…I, for one, would rather not recreate the wheel, even if I could…much better to have the experience of someone who already did it! ha…thanks for the best tip of all…
“don’t forget me…” :laughing:


These are so straightforward and brilliant!

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These are very appealing! Thanks for the tutorial.

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I like this idea! Thanks for the tutorial. I spent way too much on wrapping and tags each year. This is a cool, one and done, unless the recipient takes it home. Ha!

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I have sewn up the turning gap so many times!

Ha! As long as they reuse it!

Thanks for the kind words all!


I love the addition of the vinyl pocket! I’ve thought of making tags before, but that easy way of making them reusable, while still being customizable never occurred to me. Thank you for the tutorial, this would be a really fun way to use up some Christmas fabrics!


So clever! They are so cute that after you open your presents it could even be used as an ornament for the tree for years to come.


:scissors: :gift: :thread: Congratulations! Your excellent Reusable Gift Tag Tutorial is a Featured Project this week! :thread: :gift: :scissors:

This is an excellent idea. First I want to tackle the bags, then I can make tags! Well, assuming everything goes okay with the sewing.
Thanks for sharing the tut!

This is so absolutely great! I love that you can coordinate them with the package inside too. :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing!!!

Love them and your fabrics! My fav is the blue/yellow one. Of course they would make good luggage/tote tags. Thanks so much for the tute.

These are really cute!! Thanks so much for the tutorial - such a great idea!